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To children
T-shirts and T-shirts

T-shirts and T-shirts


Restless children are constantly moving and finding adventures, while calm ones play video games and watch cartoons. It doesn't matter what type your child belongs to, the main thing is that he should be comfortable and comfortable in any activity. Buying T-shirts for active children is a great idea, underwear will reduce the "load" on outerwear, and in the summer it's much more comfortable without sleeves in the heat. Well, inexpensive children's t-shirts are almost a consumable, they are needed in large quantities almost all the time.

Types of Aniel T-shirts

T-shirts for children practically do not differ in style, because up to 10 years girls and boys differ little physically. Clothes for this age should be chosen based on the child's taste and color preferences. Styles for teenagers are already somewhat different: girls' t-shirts have smaller armholes, and the models are more elegant. T-shirts for children have even fewer differences, they are practically unisex clothes. Here you will have to make a choice based on the length, plot of prints and color solutions.

What to look for when buying

Children's underwear is constantly worn out - frequent washing and children's pranks contribute to this. Any t-shirt must be breathable, and children's t-shirts should also be durable. The first thing to look at when buying is the quality of the fabric. The ideal option: buy a children's T-shirt made of cotton with a small percentage of synthetics (20% or less), such a fabric wears well, is pleasant to the body and does not cause skin irritation. Children's t-shirts should also not be taken purely synthetic, with the exception of clothes made of special fabrics intended for sports.

Sizes of children's t-shirts

The second important aspect is the selection of the right size for the constantly growing offspring. Until the teenage years, the size grid for girls and boys is practically the same. Manufacturers focus primarily on children's age and height, and the volume of hips, chest and waist is taken as standard. To quickly buy a T-shirt for a child, it is good to have a summary table with possible sizes in front of your eyes:

  • 0-24, 56-92, 18-26 (for babies up to 2 years old)
  • < li>2Т-S6, 3-6, 98-116, 26-30 (children 3-6 years old)
  • 7-14, S-XXL, 122-164, 30-42 (7-14 years)

In the description on the website of the Aniel store, the description usually indicates only the height, and for the youngest - the height and age of the baby.

Why it is better to buy children's shirts Aniel

Children rarely like to engage in boring clothes samples. But it is quite possible to offer them to make their own choice among beautiful children's T-shirts from the product catalog of the Aniele online store. Schoolchildren can easily cope with the task, and younger children will, of course, be helped by their parents. In the collection of the brand of the same name, there are children's T-shirts with sizes for any height and age. It is easy to make family "bows" from the things presented on the electronic shop windows of, they just look great in photos. Let your son or daughter look at photos of children's t-shirts, this will make them more careful about the chosen clothes. And when the purchases are in the basket, one of the parents will have to fill out the questionnaire. The order will arrive by mail in a couple of days: the store makes deliveries both in Kyiv and in Ukraine. Look for discounts on last year's collections and new promotions in the appropriate section of the website. Discount amounts usually start at UAH 50, so you can buy clothes not just cheaply, but also save money. If you want to make a bulk order, check the details with the manager.


❤️Where can you buy children's t-shirts?

Ordering children's t-shirts in an online store not only saves time and effort, but also easily turns into an exciting family activity. Show your child the assortment on the site and choose a t-shirt for a stylish "bow".

❤️How much do Aniel children's t-shirts and T-shirts cost?

When the time comes, update the child's wardrobe, stick- Aniele online store becomes a rescue. Thanks to frequent discount offers, you always have the opportunity to buy children's T-shirts and T-shirts very cheap.

❤️What are the most popular models of children's T-shirts?

Models for boys and girls differ little in terms of cut , but differ significantly in colors and prints. The catalog of the Aniele online store is full of a variety of t-shirts for children of all ages, so you will easily find a stylish item.

❤️What material are Aniele children's t-shirts made of?

Buying Aniele brand products, you can be sure of the quality of the fabric. Each T-shirt for a child is made of fabric with a cotton content of 80 to 100 percent. Such a fabric "breathes", absorbs moisture well, does not cause allergies and irritation, and washes well.