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84% polyamide, 9% elastane, 7% cotton
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Clothes sizes

Like all simple wardrobe items that do not need a lot of fabric, women's t-shirts are inexpensive and look stylish. This is a comfortable top: fashionable women's t-shirts are now worn both with jeans and with a feminine maxi skirt, so you can't do without three or four items of this type in your summer wardrobe. By the way, it is good to order a women's T-shirt for spring-autumn, because multi-layering is a trend of recent seasons. A shirt and a raincoat worn on top will enhance the feeling of relaxation, so loved by modern stylists.

Types of women's t-shirts

After moving from the men's wardrobe, women's t-shirts have not lost in price, but they have become much more diverse. Men, by and large, have three or four types of clothing, which are divided according to the field of application. Women's models largely copy this division:

  • sports
  • everyday (classic)
  • polo
  • models with extended sleeves< /li>

But this is far from all that needs to be taken into account in order to buy a fashionable T-shirt in the women's wardrobe. Things for women are often classified by the shape of the neckline, located on the front of the product and able to emphasize the advantages. The "oversize" fashion trend has given popularity to women's t-shirts of large sizes, which can be purchased at the Aniele online store. Such clothing makes a woman visually fragile and beautifully opens the collarbones, slightly sliding off the shoulder. A top or T-shirt is worn underneath. The features of the cut also affect the choice: "coquette" and folds in the front perfectly emphasize the chest, the one-piece sleeve makes the shoulders sloping. But the "gold standard", the best of the best, remains a white T-shirt with a classic cut - the basis of a well-thought-out women's wardrobe.

To avoid confusion, we decided not to create artificial divisions. You can buy a t-shirt in the women's department of the Aniel online store by choosing the desired size, color and material.

What should you pay attention to when buying a women's t-shirt

"I live" can be advised to take a closer look at the quality of cut and sewing of clothes, but cheap women's t-shirts that can be bought with delivery on the Internet, this is not the way to evaluate them. Here it is worth thinking: why is it necessary? Is a polo shirt really necessary if you don't go to women's tennis training and don't aspire to buy a racehorse? As they say, everything has its time and place. Here are some tips that will help you decide on a purchase:

  1. Sports clothing should wick moisture away from the body well. In this case, a balanced decision will be to buy a good quality women's T-shirt made of polyamide or cotton.
  2. For everyday wear in the hot season, cotton and loose fit are good. Women's t-shirts of this kind can be bought inexpensively in any online store. They are monochromatic and with a beautiful bright print.
  3. When you are not sure about the size, choose a knitted T-shirt of a female cut: you can buy such a thing without worry thanks to the special weaving. This material stretches well and sits on the figure.
  4. If there are few basic things in the closet, you should not choose women's T-shirts with stylish inscriptions, but first of all buy a few classic white T-shirts. They will go well with any accent accessories, make the image complete and well-thought-out.
  5. In order to successfully choose t-shirts, especially women's, according to the photo, you need to look through the wardrobe and buy the things that are missing. Then the new items will fit well into the image, and not uselessly take up space in the closet. you have decided to buy a good T-shirt, it will be found in the catalog of the women's department of the website Elongated options are also sold here - tunics under leggings and slim jeans. In the store, you can buy a women's t-shirt inexpensively after viewing all the interesting color options. Aniele sews the entire range of this category from quality materials: cotton, viscose and polyamide. All women's t-shirts can be delivered within Ukraine by Novaya Poshta, Meest Expess _ Just In or Ukrposhta, and in Kyiv you can pick up your purchase in person from the warehouse, it's absolutely free. You can order the product both retail and wholesale, discounts apply for wholesale buyers.


    ❤️Where to buy women's t-shirts?

    In the Aniele store you can buy stylish women's t-shirts, place an order with delivery. Visit the website and familiarize yourself with the collection. Add the model you like to the cart, fill out the form, and the purchase will arrive in a couple of days.

    ❤️What are the most popular t-shirt models?

    One of the most popular models in the Aniele assortment is a women's t-shirt with short sleeves and a fitted silhouette, which can be bought by a girl with any type of figure. The collection includes tunics with long, short sleeves and straps.

    ❤️How do I know what size T-shirt I need?

    Women's sizes are available in the online store for photos of fashionable T-shirts specified according to the international standard. Your size is easily translated in any system, for example, M is the 46th according to the Russian standard or the 12th according to the English.

    ❤️What material are Aniele t-shirts made of?

    If you If you are looking for high-quality women's t-shirts at an affordable price, then visit the online store. Models of our production are sewn from cotton, viscose and polyamide of good quality. All fabrics are hypoallergenic and do not irritate the skin.