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The brand of underwear  Aniele appeared for the Ukrainian market in 2007. But even in such a short period, she became quite famous among Ukrainian women. A group of young designers who are inspired and constantly interested in the latest trends in European and world fashion shows are working on the creation of the Aniel collection. "Aniele" is a trademark that combines both lingerie for young fashionistas, romantic and extravagant, and lingerie for ladies with luxurious forms.

Various models make it possible to emphasize the natural beauty and attractiveness of charming ladies in the best possible way. Bodysuits, jumpsuits, thongs, bras, shirts, silky dressing gowns, a sea of ​​guipure and lace - all this is Aniele.

With Aniel you are beautiful in the morning, afternoon, evening in the afternoon and even in your sleep. Your lightness, beauty and grace - this is a light mood and self-confidence from Aniele.