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Swimming trunks

Swimming trunks

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Perhaps the only place where no one wants to look ugly is the beach. Unfortunately, the tight-fitting trunks of men's models, which can be bought in sporting goods stores, look good on few people, except professional swimmers. They reveal too much what is usually hidden, and this alone causes discomfort to many. It is better to buy men's swimming trunks in an online store, choose the right model and look good in any circumstances.

Types of Aniel swimming trunks

Swimming with a bare torso has long been considered indecent for both women and men : on the beach, everyone dressed in bathing suits that covered the body from shoulder to toe. But in the 30s of the last century, morals became freer, the torso gradually got rid of clothes, swimming trunks and shorts appeared - two men's models, which are still relevant today. Recently, the top men's swimming trunks are every hour:

  • Boxer trunks are the most popular men's model of swimming trunks, which can be bought both for the pool and the beach. True, to look good in them, you need an athletic figure.
  • Classic short swimming trunks. Steadily popular, although they are suitable only for athletes. By the way, buying sports swimming trunks for the pool is a good option, and they are also appropriate in men's company.
  • Thong swimming trunks. They emphasize all the merits and demerits, wear them on the public beach, and not swim in your own pool, only a self-confident person will decide.
  • Swimming shorts. You can buy swimming shorts in the men's department of clothing stores, but they are not very comfortable for long swimming. But on the beach you will have no equal.
  • "Bermuda" for swimming. Long trunks-shorts, an invention of surfers, look great on any male figure, and you can also buy them for the pool. Wet fabric in the water hugs the legs tightly and helps to slide in the water.
  • Boardshorts. It looks like "Bermuda", but the cut is narrower, and the fabric is plain. You can swim and walk around the city. True, the tan line will be located approximately in the area of ​​the knees.

What should you pay attention to when buying

Today you can buy men's swimming trunks in any clothing store, although the price fluctuates greatly depending on the season. In the summer, the best men's swimming trunks sell out quickly, you have to walk for a long time and choose the right one. In the Aniel online store you can buy men's swimming trunks inexpensively and quickly at any time. Boring try-ons are not needed, it is enough to decide on the size. To do this, the volume of the hips is measured. The table of correspondences is easy to find on the Internet, the international letter size system is most often used, where 91-98 cm is S, 95-102 cm is M, etc. As you can see, the meanings intersect, and before you order men's swimming trunks at a good price, be sure to pay attention to the photo. Fashionable models of men's swimming trunks with a low waist should be taken exactly "size to size", and with shorts it is necessary to correctly estimate the waist size. If you want to hide a couple of extra kilograms, you can order men's trunks with a "reserve". But don't overdo it: too big and wide shorts get in the way and slide in the water.

Why it is better to buy Aniele swimming trunks

The website presents a convenient catalog of beautiful men's swimming trunks with photos and comprehensive descriptions . The store's assortment includes a large selection of high-quality products produced in Ukraine, Poland, Italy and other EU countries. On the site you can buy swimming shorts, men's beach shorts and popular summer products. All models are made of high-quality materials, and a discount applies to the collections of previous seasons. It is also possible to order men's swimming trunks with delivery to the door: the Aniele store works with UkrPochta and Novaya Pochta, which also provide courier services. The warehouse of the store works in Kyiv.


❤️Where to buy men's swimming trunks?

Fashionable men's swimming trunks ordered on the site are the first step to a long-awaited summer vacation. The catalog provides a large selection of swimming trunks in a variety of colors and styles. Here you will find swimming trunks for every taste and figure.

❤️What are the best men's swimming trunks?

The quality and comfort of your vacation directly depends on the right choice of swimming trunks. Men's swimming trunks should not cause discomfort, rub or cause an allergic reaction during walking and swimming. Don't try to look better - try to look stylish.

❤️What fabric are Aniele men's swimming trunks made of?

Men's swimming trunks for the beach are best bought from quality fabric. Models of the Aniele brand are made of breathable polyester and microfiber. This fabric provides a pleasant feeling when wearing, comfort when swimming and quick drying.

❤️What are the most popular models of men's swimming trunks?

Among the summer men's products of the online shopping platform Aniele, swimming trunks remain the most popular -briefs: with bright prints and monochrome. They will be an excellent choice for relaxing at the sea or by the lake, as well as for sportsmen engaged in swimming.